Get a birds eye view of the new Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC

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Like this but with Geoff screaming about immersive extreme fish

Battlefield 4 is out, and it’ll be adding some new DLC with which to show off and tell all those damn COD fans to stop having with their game. So what do those new maps look like, if you happen to be freefalling face-first towards them?

Redditor Andersso threw the new shots up yesterday of the China Rising DLC maps. The maps show off a top down view of the Guilin Peaks, Silk Road, Altai Range and Dragon Pass. Click to embiggen:


The China Rising DLC is out December 3 for premium members. Study these maps and know your choke points. Plus give Nick De Bruyne hell, because he just loves it when tankies come after him.

Last Updated: November 29, 2013

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