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Get a taste of Amazon Prime’s Truth Seekers series by experiencing a free virtual Escape Room session

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I’ve been interested in trying out an escape room for some time now and for those who aren’t sure what that is exactly, it’s basically a room (or connected rooms) that you start in and then need to solve puzzles within to unravel a mystery and progress further. To open a combination lock you need to look around for clues that will reveal the sequence which you then use on the lock and proceed to the next part of the puzzle. Get it?

I actually had a booking arranged at a local escape room here in Milton Keynes back in March, and then the world was hit with that damn pandemic and life has yet to get back to normal.

So when Amazon Prime approached us to attend a virtual escape room to publicise their new upcoming title, Truth Seekers, I jumped at the opportunity to give this a go.

My biggest worry when it came to the virtual escape room idea is how it would really work as a lot of the experience is investigating everything that you can get your hands on, turning things over to check underneath, and completing physical puzzles, so to be honest I was worried this would end up being an awkward experience.

The experience was booked and I was told to ensure that I had a webcam and Zoom installed, and then on the day I joined the meeting and found another press person in the room, a host from The Escape Game and someone else who would be introduced as our support tech.

We were then asked to open a webpage that had 3 sections, a video, a notes section, and an inventory. The “game” then started with our support tech being a real person with a camera who was walking around the physical escape room in Tennessee. He was basically our avatar in the game and as we asked him to look around and inspect things the important objects would be placed in our inventory for further investigation and the top video section became a 360-degree video that we could navigate with. So while someone was asking our avatar to view something the others could use the expanded view to walk around and check other things out. If you’ve ever used Google Street view you’ll get the gist of this.

We had 45 minutes to complete the puzzles and escape. There was a wide variety of them, ranging from cracking simple codes, reflecting light correctly, and moving objects to certain places to activate the next piece of the puzzle.

Obviously you do lose out on some of the experience by not being able to touch things yourself, so our avatar did drop small hints at times if we were going completely down the wrong path or not seeing something blatantly obvious like a second goblet just off to the side of the screen.

It was a fantastic experience and one that I would recommend anyone who enjoys puzzles and puzzle games to try out. My whole family really enjoyed it and I would have to applaud the team over at The Escape Game for how well it all played out.

What’s even better though is that Amazon Prime has booked out a bunch of virtual escape room experiences for you to try for the amazing price of absolutely nothing.

Just head on over to this link and look for a date with some availability left. From my quick checking now it seems like most of November still has a bunch of spots and since this offer runs until 18 November you should be able to find a spot easily enough.

If you do manage to score one of the available slots, remember to come back and let me know how quickly you managed to crack the puzzle. In the end it took our group 37 minutes and 29 seconds. Oh and keep your eye on the creepy doll, that thing has a mind of its own.

Alternatively you can check out Truth Seekers from the non-puzzling comfort of your sofa, which comes out on Amazon Prime Video on 30 October.

Last Updated: October 27, 2020

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  1. MechMachine

    October 27, 2020 at 17:23

    Aah, the never ending disapproval of one generation to the next, Boomers don’t like anyone they consider to be their breed, Gen x don’t like millennial’s, Millennial’s are stuck in the middle wondering what the hell they did to deserve this and zoomer’s are the ones actually screwing everything up…Cant we all just get along.


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