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Get Dark Souls II Pre-Order DLC on PC for free

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Dark souls II torch

People who pre-ordered Dark Souls 2 were treated to a bunch of cool swords, staves and axes. They could all eventually be found in the game – in the palace for sale from the ghost. However, they certainly can be helpful when you first start the game, and thanks to a hidden file, they can actually be yours.

Over on Reddit, as user had a look at his Pre-Order DLC .bin file and found a funny file.

Dark souls 2 sales gimmick

One of the other Reddit users tested it out by manually creating the same file and adding it to his Dark Souls II directory, and it gave him the weapons after character creation. He then

tried again with gibberish in the file contents rather than the single line of text, and the results were the same. It doesn’t even check the contents of the file; it just checks for a file named “license05.bin” in the Dark Souls II\DLC\License folder.

Could it be some sort of protest/commentary by From Software about the state of pre-orders? They are just gimmicks, after all. Maybe it’s just their way of apologizing for shipping a broken PC game at launch – this way the master race can grab some free stuff, too. Whether it’s there on purpose or not, it’s still a nice little glitch for PC gamers who want to start out in Dark Souls 2 with a decent sword or shield – the DLC items aren’t the best equipment, but at least they’re better than nothing when you initially lose your humanity.

Last Updated: July 18, 2014

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