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How to get your hands on two new Exotics in Destiny: The Dawning

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This year, give the gift that matters in Destiny: A new single-player campaign where players step into the boots of Cayde Guns! And with Destiny celebrating the Holidays, you can do just that with a pair of new exotic machine guns. Essentially Thunderlord repaints that focus more on Solar and Void damage, Nova Mortis and Abbadon can both be obtained from a pair of quests.

Here’s the breakdown of how to get your hands on the gift that keeps giving (death) in The Dawning:


  • Players must be rank 7 or higher in the new competitive spirit record book.
  • The big present at the back of the Tower with the Xur tag must be opened.
  • Songs from the Void will be added to your log, with players needing to do the Nova Mortis quest first before they can tackle Abaddon.
  • Talk to Ikora Rey to learn more of the quest, then go have a chat with Banshee-44.
  • Banshee-44 will task you with achieving 100 points worth of Void kills.
  • Return to the tower after all that murder, speak to Banshee-44 again and you’ll be told to go activate Nova Mortis in the Abomination Heist strike.
  • Return to the Tower once again, speak to Ikora and hey presto! Nova Mortis is now yours.

For Abaddon, go talk to Zavala, and you’ll start the Hymns of Fire mission. Pretty much the same as the Nova Mortis quest, as you’ll be heading back and forth to the Tower, racking up solar kills and completing a strike (Shield Brothers) to get yourself another fancy Exotic. Easy! And that’s it really. Easy quests, with cool perks and prizes. Destiny: The Dawning runs until January 3, and I’m hoping that Xur will be wearing a Santa hit when he visits the Tower tomorrow.

Also, I’m kind of curious to see if there’s a Hive-themed quest that has you facing a Krampus-themed version of Oryx. That would be kind of swell.

Last Updated: December 15, 2016

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