Get paid thousands for rushing through Elite: Dangerous

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Elite: Dangerous is now officially out, getting the head start over Star Citizen and plunging PC gaming back into the hay-days of space simulators. I’ve been wrestling with the download client for a few days now and can finally hop into my very own spaceship to explore the game’s vast universe, and it seems like I should getting cracking too, since Frontier is paying dedicated players quite handsomely.

Elite: Dangerous features three pillars of gameplay that you can master throughout your journey. These breakdown into Combat, Trade and Exploration, with the most dedicated players able to achieve Elite status in each. There’s a ton of game time that goes into achieving just one Elite rank, nevermind nabbing all three.

But Frontier wants to pit all of Elite’s players against each other, offering a massive £10,000 (that’s sterling son!) to the first player who manages to achieve an Elite rank in all three disciplines. A £1 000 reward will also be handed out to the three players who become the first to Elite in each of the respective trees. Frontier will monitor the games carefully, making sure each run began with a clean save and stayed consistently on Open Play multiplayer mode.

  • Elite in combat – £1000 or $1500 or €1200
  • Elite in exploration – £1000 or $1500 or €1200
  • Elite in trading – £1000 or $1500 or €1200
  • Elite in all three – £10,000 or $15,000 or €12,000

There’s no time limit on the competition, and from what I’ve read it seems like this will be a contest only resolved in the next few months. I can’t imagine how many hours playing time are required to even get close to a Triple Elite ranking, and some of the game’s community are already questioning the decision to encourage players to rush through the game’s massive amount of content.

Personally, I wonder how many people will actually actively pursue this over the next few months. I mean, what happens if another player beats you just a day or so in advance after months of grinding?

Last Updated: December 18, 2014

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