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Get ready for a whole lot more Dead Space in your future

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Do you enjoy the tight corridors and spooky atmosphere that requires you to change your pants several times, in the Dead Space games? Sure, we’ve had a solid debut, an even better sequel, an on-rails shooter for the Wii, comic books and some animations, but it seems that EA is far from done with their new franchise.

According to insiders, the Dead Space team has been instructed by EA to begin looking at ways to make the series even bigger than it already is, by trying out some new genres with the Dead Space formula. And some of the ideas have been quite surprising .

According to sources who spoke to Kotaku, EA wants to see a Dead Space game in the same vein as Uncharted, and has already moved onto the early planning stages, in an attempt to gain some of that lucrative coin that is floating the adventure game genre.

Even stranger, ideas are floating around for a Dead Space flight sim game, and a proper FPS Dead Space title, completely different to the prequel that was Dead Space: Extraction, on the Wii.

While EA has yet to officially confirm Dead Space 3, leaks and reports have shown that they are busy with it, shifting the action from darkened corridors on space stations and cruisers to the snowy hills of an icy planet by the name of  Tau Volantis.

Apparently, this will be the final outing for main series protagonist Isaac Clarke, as the trilogy will wrap up with him, shifting focus onto a new direction for the Dead Space franchise that will be heavier on action and lighter on pyschological horror, in an attempt to appeal to a wider market.

It’s great to see the Dead Space franchise getting some new ideas thrown into the mix, but it’s also worrying that EA might actually be diluting the overall experience by releasing so many new potential games in the franchise, and it would be a shame to see title shift from its dark roots for a “Nathan Drake versus icky mutants” series of games.

Last Updated: December 1, 2011

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