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Get ready for Lazygamer’s first Dota 2 LAN tournament

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Project Omega

Dota 2 teams assemble! We’re going to be hosting a Dota 2 LAN tournament this April for pro teams and mixed teams, with R10, 000 cash prizes up for grabs!

Thanks to a very generous man, Paul Ehlers, we are able to contribute to the local community by kicking off a Dota 2 LAN called Project Omega. Internet Solutions have been so kind as to chip in and sponsor the venue and bandwidth, continuing their support of the local community. Here are the registration details:

The tournament will be held in two separate brackets, a Pro Bracket and a Novice Bracket. Teams may only sign up for the bracket they qualify for.

Pro Bracket: Competitive teams who currently compete in tournaments and leagues.

Novice Bracket: Mixed teams who do not compete in any tournaments. Only two members of the mixed teams may be in the same competitive team, more than that qualifies the team for the Pro Bracket. This bracket is meant for gamers who just play for fun.

The goal is to give competitive teams as well as gamers who play for fun a chance to compete and win some cash. Registrations from Pro teams who take advantage of the tournament by entering the Novice Bracket will not be accepted. So enter the correct bracket.

There are four spots open for each bracket, to register; teams must forward the following information to [email protected].

  • Team name
  • Team Captain – the person responsible for the team.
  • Names of team members – full names and surnames.
  • Steam ID’s
  • Bracket being registered for.

Each team is allowed three substitutes, players who might fill in should a team member not be able to make it. Registrations close on Friday, 5 April.

Date: 13 April 2013

Venue: The Campus,

Le MansBuilding,

57 Sloane Street,


More info to come next week! 

Last Updated: March 28, 2013

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