Get Ready for Red Dead Redemption… with some prizes

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So unless you are seriously colour, style and layout blind you would have noticed that we have gotten all dressed up for the release of Red Dead Redemption next week.

We haven’t received our review copies yet but from my early previews and the leaked reviews we have seen it looks like this game could a serious contender for GOTY.

To prepare ourselves for the wild west launch Megarom has kindly donated a Red Dead Redemption pack for us to give away this week to a lucky local.

To stand a chance of winning this prize all you need to do is fill in this simple form and click send.. or submit.. or whatever the stupid button is called.

[contact-form 3 "Red Dead Redemption"]

The prize pack consists of a Red Dead Redemption shirt, I have one and it’s pretty much become my standard uniform recently. A RDR sticker and some Red Dead Redemption soap…

Competition ends on Friday at noon with winners revealed that afternoon.

Last Updated: May 12, 2010

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