Get ready to Hunbox the special edition of Total War: Attila

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Total War Hunboxing

Normally, we like to steer clear of unboxings. No, that’s a lie. A rather rubbish lie at that. Still, while we’re just as guilty of having taken part in several unboxings ourselves (peer pressure dammit), we do have a soft spot for seeing special editions of games revealed in special ways. Which is why Total War: Attila may have just won me over. Which, due to legal reasons, involves seeing a developer on the game take an arrow to above the shin.

If you’re actually wondering what is in the game, besides a slipcase that happens to be covered in the above-the-shin blood of a missing Creative Assembly developer, here’s a list of the relevant goodies:

  • Viking Forefathers Culture Pack, adds three new playable factions to the game
  • New 64-page biography of Atilla The Hun from renowned military history specialists, Osprey Publishing
  • Double-sided poster featuring the campaign map and playable Faction reference guide
  • The lamentations of Creative Assembly, driven and crushed before the Hun horde

Join us next week, where we’ll have hopefully have managed to convince NetherRealm to do a Mortal Kombat X unboxing that involves being transported to Outworld and forced to fight for the amusement of Shao Kahn and his mighty nipple harness.

Last Updated: February 10, 2015

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