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Get your very own official MGSV… boots?

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Merchandise is cool. I love my N7 hoodie a bit too much, and I have such fun playing with my random toys action figures and other gaming novelties. I even went to a fashion event for Marvel-inspired clothing. But I’m not quite sure about this merchandise tie-in.

It’s not that I think the merchandise is ugly. In fact, I think it’s pretty cool and I want it – but that’s because I love shoes and not because of MGSV.

Hideo Kojima tweeted out two images of the Puma designed MGS boots (thanks Eurogamer) and they certainly do look fashionable:

I really do like that second picture – the boots look unique and well designed, plus I generally like the odd pair of Pumas. However, this tie in with MGS V makes no sense. Are these supposed to be Snake’s boots? What next – can I buy Quiet’s bra top? Do the boots come with a tank of fake blood so that I can recreate my own version of the game’s latest Carrie-inspired poster?

I know merchandising is strange in general, but it seems even weirder when the products being promoted seem to have nothing to do with the game itself. Will anyone know that these are geeky gamer boots? Or is the idea to get non-gamers to buy them and stealthily convert them to MGSV fans?

Last Updated: July 24, 2015

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