God of War : Ghost of Sparta Origins Trailer

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My PSP has been severely under-utilised, with Lumines, Wipeout and Chains of Olympus being the only games that really managed to keep my unnecessarily furry hands glued to the handheld.

It looks like Ready at Dawn have pulled more magic from their development hat, because their next portable God of War – Ghost of Sparta – looks incredible. Set somewhere between the first two games, Ghost of Sparta gives you an insight into Kratos’ psyche, and the ““endless nightmares that continues to haunt him.”

It also features Kratos’ brother Deimos; much hairier and just as tough. The trailer also reveals that certain copies of the PSP game will include an unlock code to use a Deimos skin in God of War 3, which grants you better combat damage and a bunch more orbs. Wait…he has a brother? Who knew?

Last Updated: October 8, 2010

Geoffrey Tim

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