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God of War is getting a 60fps upgrade and save transfers on PS5, boy

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If you had a hankering for forests, semi-open worlds, and a burly fella wrecking his way across several in-the-flesh legends with bloody vengeance, then 2018’s God of War had you covered. Boy. One of the best-looking games of the PlayStation 4 era, Sony Santa Monica’s epic saga of bone-crushing parental bonding is about to get a chunky visual upgrade for next month’s PlayStation 5 launch.

The studio has confirmed that God of War will run at 60 frames per second on PS5, with the graphical mode “Favour Performance” selected. Granted this option is on the PS4 Pro version of the game as well, but it’s more flippant about frames than a Frenchman’s usage of consonants in regular speech. On PS5 that extra horsepower should provide a more consistent approach to silky-smooth gameplay when you’re cracking skulls open. It’s not clear if this mode will be applied to a 1080p or a 4K resolution version of the game, but it should be decent.

If like me you started playing God of War and you’re haunted by the fact that you’ve only put a few hours of progress into the game so far because you’re constantly under siege from life and other commitments, good news! You’ll also be able to pick up from where you last left off with a save transfer. And finally get that monkey off your back so you can finish the damn game instead of chasing obscure bounties in Destiny 2 just so that you can get an Exotic heavy machine gun.

I really need to stop typing while looking in a mirror. The future’s looking bright for God of War right now, as not only was the 2018 game one of the best PS4 experiences you could find thanks to its gameplay being balanced by a surprisingly human incarnation of Kratos as he bonded with his son, but a sequel called God of War: Ragnarok is also on the way in the near future.


Last Updated: October 27, 2020

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