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Ghost Recon Future Soldier goes Team Jacob in the latest trailer

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I mooned my neighbour for a dare once. It was the worst possible way to find out he was a werewolf.

For those of you who engaged in the recent multiplayer beta, you know by now that the latest Ghost Recon game is shaping up to be something special. Interesting single-player missions aside, the majority of us will no doubt he hitting the multiplayer when it launches, taking each other apart as one of several special ops teams.

We’ve got the usual highly trained groups available to play as, from American Marines, through to angry and less-better equipped tenacious middle-eastern forces. And then you have the Russians. They’re practically legendary for their insane training regimens, skills and hardness, but did you know that they’re also werewolves.

We swear, see for yourself in the new Bodark trailer. One of them even is even bare-chested, reinforcing his lupine tendencies.

I don’t recommend playing this game during a full moon, when it launches at the end of May.

Last Updated: May 7, 2012

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