PS3 version of Ghostbusters fails in head to head

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LensOfTruth have become known as a reasonly reputable site who’s main aim is to compare cross platform games on a regular basis and publishing their results.

However they have shot to the top of the fanboy hate list this morning by publishing a Xbox 360 and PS3 comparison of the upcoming Ghostbusters title because the differences are incredible. You don’t need HD images in this comparison to see the difference and I would dare any PS3 fan to actually try and say their version looks better.

Just mouse over the images to see the subsequent Xbox 360 versions of these images…

But life is never that simple is it… according to a forum post by a member of the Terminal Velocity team the PS3 version that is being compared here is a pre-alpha version that was released prior to the final graphics polish being added and the retail versions will not be this bad.

That would be the end of the story except now Arsetechnica have crashed the party and stated that the versions being compared were both retail versions and these comparisons stand.


But don’t worry, the drama doesn’t end there… To backup the claim that the PS3 version is greatly inferior, Ben Kuchera has kindly taped what it looks like in the fire station on the PS3 version.

You can check out all the comparison shots here LensOfTruth or the Arstechnica backup story here or even LensOfTruth‘s new update defending itself against claims of bias.

I can only imagine that heads are going to roll if this story is not fake as Ghostbusters is Sony’s licence and this would be hugely embarrassing for the big wigs over in Tokyo.

Last Updated: June 17, 2009

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