Girls or Games? Which would YOU choose?

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A a recent Counter Strike LAN in Moscow, a team promoter decided to test the mettle of his team during a match. How you ask? Obviously he unleashed Russian strippers upon them. Proving that Counter Strike players are indomitably focused, the presence of hot women and their breasts failed to put them off their game. Or it’s proven that Counter-Strike players are, like I expect, androgynous demi-humans completely void of genitalia. 

Regular readers would know that I love games; but I love the fine female form even more – and no matter how important the game, boobs will always win. Even if they belong to some of the most haggard looking Russian strippers. I can only assume that this is because our own Lolly Jackson already owns all the hot ones.

More pics after the jump, many of which are quite NSFW.





You can find more, over at EnglishRussia

Last Updated: November 2, 2009

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