Girls Who Game Get More Sex

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Cosmopoliton, the women’s magazine that feature’s more scantily-clad women than most magazines has a habit of dispensing advice relating to carnal matters.

In their latest bit of dating counsel, they recommend women who fancy a bit of pickle tickling get a Wii or visit an arcade. Why? Video games lead to more sex!

According to the quintessential women’s lifestyle magazine, girls who play games get their bellies tickled from the inside four times a week, once more than their game-eschewing sisters. That’s what their cited survey says, anyway.

“If you don’t have a Wii, hit up an arcade together,” suggests Cosmo. “He’ll be in man-date heaven, and you’ll win too.” Presumably because you’ll be the recipient of his lustful thrusting.  There you have it, ladies. If you want to spend more time getting shot with the ol’ yoghurt rifle, spend more time getting headshots.

Hey…maybe there is a market for these!

Source : Gamereactor

Last Updated: October 19, 2010

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