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Go beyond death in Dark Souls II

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In only a few short weeks, Dark Souls II will be upon us and all hope for humanity will be lost. This game takes masochism to a whole new level – there is no false advertising here, you will die. At least with the collector’s edition, you can ease your spirit by looking at pretty pictures or playing with the fantastic figurine.

For those who don’t watch videos, my interpretation (which can’t be trusted as I’m part of the media – at least so says the media when arguing for cameras in Oscar’s courtroom) is this. With awesome dramatic music indicating impending doom, we get to look at all the prettiness of the collector’s edition – the game in a pretty case, a hard cover art book, the soundtrack DVDs, and even more closeups of the art from the art book. The culmination of the video is when we get to see closeups of the “solid 16oz 12 inch warrior knight figurine” in all his glory. I haven’t seen 12 inches of PVC put to this good use in a long time. Gonna need to clean up my excitement with that cloth map.

I’ve already pre-ordered my Collector’s Edition through AWX, but you can also do so through Kalahari if you feel like helping us eat this month. You know you need this in your life. It’s Collector’s Editions like these that make it worthwhile to get physical copies instead of digital.

Last Updated: February 26, 2014

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