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Gaming as a medium offers experiences that other media do not, and this is perhaps exemplified by the walking-simulator genre/phenomenon. This is a style of game built around observation and experience, as you travel a virtual environment and take in the sights. Sometimes there are story hooks, or light puzzles, but often it’s just about the simple act of observing at your own pace. An upcoming indie title called 0°N 0°W (pronounced as “Zero North, Zero West) is taking that concept and running with it, offering a trippy adventure with loads of pretty lights.

In development at Colourfiction, 0°N 0°W sees your character stranded in a small town during a cross-country roadtrip. From there, they embark on a surreal walking tour through impossible landscapes of colour and abstract designs, where the only goal is to look around and interpret what you will from the experience.

Judging by the screenshots, videos, and gifs on the official website, 0°N 0°W is going to be a visually spectacular. The environments are a riot of colours, lights, neon, and trippy effects, and the player can travel through them however they like. Regular sedate walking is available, but the player can also run at high speeds or fly around. Each environment is handcrafted, but a player’s progression is randomised to an extent, giving each journey a unique feel. The developers also promise that the entire experience is abundantly peaceful and family friendly. Here’s a trippy teaser trailer:

Musically, the game features seven hours of soundtrack to chill out to, inspired by musicians such as Brian Eno, Terry Riley, Phillip Glass and other minimalist composers. The game also features sound effects taken from nature and urban environments, as well as some synthesised and instrumental pieces. And in case you couldn’t tell from the screenshots, the game does carry a photosensitive epilepsy warning.

0°N 0°W is available to wishlist on Steam and set to launch on 1 March 2018. Wait, a walking game launching in March? Nice one Colourfiction, I see what you did there.

Last Updated: January 25, 2018

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