God of War 3 Live at E3? No Seriously?

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God of War 3 Live at E3? No Seriously? 2

The big news doing the rounds this morning is that Sony will be showing of God of War 3 Live onstage at E3 this year.

Now I’m as excited about God of War as the next person but this isn’t news, this has to happen. It’s like the rising of the sun or movment of the earth, there is no way Sony could let E3 go past this year without showing us  the killer title that is God of War 3.

My only hope is that they show us the game we expect and don’t try be overly smart and tease us again or release some groundbreaking news that GoW 3 will be going multiplayer or something like that… They haven’t announced that yet have they?

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Last Updated: May 11, 2009

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