God of War Compilation to have God of War III Demo

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Despite previous insistences to the contrary, it appears that the much anticipated Blu-Ray bound God of War collection for the PS3 will include the God of War 3 demo. Sony had previously said that a God of War 3 demo would not be bundled on account of it not being ready for a wide release just yet, but in a welcome 180-degree turn, PlayStation Blog has confirmed that the compilation will include with it a voucher to download the demo from the PSN network. Hooray!

If you’ll recall, the European release date for the God of War collection has been delayed to an unconfirmed date next year – and if that date happens to be after March – meaning that we a) reacquaint ourselves with the lore and b) only get access to the demo after the game’s already out – I will be forced to sever heads.

Source : PlayStation Blog

Last Updated: September 28, 2009

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