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God of War’s getting a bit PC

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No, PC gamers – don misread that thinking that Kratos’ underworld chain-swinging exploits will be coming to your platform of choice. No, this is the other PC- Politically Correct. Though it’s an undeniably violent franchise, Godof War will be backing down a bit; at least as far as violence against women goes.

“There are some things we’ve pulled back from,” Sony Santa Monica’s David Hewitt said to IGN. “I think where this has been an issue is with violence against women – the team’s pulled back from some of that and assessed that a little more carefully. There are certain things that carry a different kind of resonance that we don’t want to get into. This isn’t about statement-making in that regard. It’s about fleshing out this character.”

“The team has a set of rules that define those sorts of things very clearly. Where it shows itself is how the combat designers and animators have designed Kratos’ moves,” he said.

“He’s always leaning forward, he’s always moving forward. He’s seeking revenge and he’s after his ultimate objective and he will tear through enemies – rip them in half – as quickly as he can. But there’s not a lot of flourishes, there’s not any kind of enjoying the moment. There’s nothing about this that he’s enjoying.”

God of War: Ascension, a prequel – focussing on how Kratos is tricked in to killing his own family, and the ensuing rage that envelops him. It’s hitting your PS3 next year. It’ll still be violent – but won’t be glorifying violence – and won’t feature any violence against women. I’m ok with that. There was a section in God of War 3 – the bit with Poseidon’s sex slave – that left me feeling a little uncomfortable. 

Still ok to kill men though! What do you think? Is video game violence against women – like that against children – taboo?

Last Updated: July 20, 2012

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