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Golden Oldies: An Audio Odyssey

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I got a tip emailed through to me late yesterday about a new article entitled Golden Oldies: An Audio Odyssey and I have to admit my eyes rolled a little.

I don’t like old games, retro junk or anything that harps on about how great the world used to be. But being the diligent reporter with nothing else to do I headed on over to eGamer to take a look.

There instead of a boring article on old games was one of the best local video’s I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

In it the narrator (sticky-rabies?) walks us through the use of sound and ,music in games and movies and why it is so important. It is very well put together, funny and gets its point across exceptionally well.

Check it out after the break,

Unfortunately it appears this may have been his last video but I am sure if we whine enough and possibly bribe him with some small compensation we can get him back.

Feel free to leave comments here and over at eGamer telling him how awesome/crap he really is.

Last Updated: October 21, 2009

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