GoldenEye exists on the 360 – You can't have it

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Golden Eye

Well this leaves a bit of a bad taste in your mouth. Apparently the above image is an ingame screen shot of GoldenEye running of a Xbox 360. This isn’t some weird hack, this is the full game optimised and ready for release by Rare and Activision. However you are never going to see it.

Apparently Nintendo’s Japanese boss, Satoru Iwata, has decided that under no circumstances may GoldenEye be released on any other platform. This is even after Rare and Activision had agreed to create a version for the Wii as well.

Now Nintendo actually has no say in what happens with this licence, however Activision is worried about the power of Nintendo and has agreed not to release it. I somehow think the success of the Wii has gone to Nintendo’s head and if they carry on down this road they will become as arrogant as the previous gaming powerhouse.

NeoGAF – View Single Post – The real Deal behind Goldeneye Cancellation

Last Updated: February 29, 2008

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