Gone Home for Oculus Rift no longer in development

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Gone VR

The Fullbright Company is no longer working on the Oculus Rift version of Gone Home; their first person exploration game. Studio co-founder Steve Gaynor told of the news in a statement to the International Business Times UK:

“Oculus Rift we have basically stopped active development on. We looked into it and what we discovered is that really, for a game to be good on Oculus you have to design it for Oculus.”

“We don’t have any body-awareness in our game and a bunch of UI [user-interface] pasted to the screen — 2D UI. Both of those things are tough with an Oculus game and we’re not going to go back and remake our UI or add a player body to make a good fit for Oculus.”

Gayner said that they aren’t disposing of the idea entirely and may revisit the idea later on. The studio first pitched Rift support back in 2013 shortly after the game launched. Gaynor also stated the studio was “actively investigating” bringing Gone Home to consoles.

I think The Fullbright Company are totally correct on the Rift support. Not only do I think it wouldn’t add too much to the game, it would also take out some of the mystery of who you’re actually playing as. Instead of finding evidence around the house as to who you are and what exactly you look like, you could just look down at your body, or look in a mirror. As much as I love the Oculus Rift and cannot wait to get my hands on one, I think I’d rather see a new game from the studio than an update for a game I’ve already experienced. Especially for something in the nature of Gone Home, where the first time is usually the last time.

Last Updated: January 23, 2014

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