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The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week (27 November 2015)

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Black cats

On this very special Black Friday, I’m going to spend the day cuddling my black cat. This is totally not an excuse for me to stop working and start the weekend early, I swear. But you know, without Matty around this week, there has been a lot more to do and I’m sure I’ve earned a cat nap or two.

Best Story

Sure, it might be bad news for your wallets, but the Steam Sales have begun and they’re pretty good. You should buy Ori and the Blind Forest and find happiness. Other good news this week, Capetonians can prepare themselves for local rAge, although apparently in the slacker city, booking leave isn’t required.

Worst Story

With just a few days to go until the full retail release, the Rainbow Six Siege open beta was delayed – this can’t be a good sign, can it? Meanwhile, don’t get too excited about the return of Futurama; it’s not in the way you were hoping for.

Random Story

Oh Japan, only you could give us games with realistic tan lines on half naked ladies, because that’s what gamers are really looking for. Oh, wait, there’s a petition showing just how much gamers really are looking for just that? Crazy. Speaking of crazy, I’m just going to leave this here and let’s never speak of it again.

Header of the Week


The soup nazi will never get old. Okay, Seinfeld has been off the air for years and the joke is unbearably ancient, but it still makes me giggle and so this header wins.

Most Comments

Oh yes, I know how to get you guys talking! The Division landed a ton of comments… too bad almost none were on topic.

Least Comments

Okay, I might have spoken too soon. I grabbed both comment-based awards this week thanks to only one person caring about Valkyria.

Batman of the Week

Bat baby

Rise up against your oppressors! After weeks of Darryn’s iron grip upon Batman, we shall overcome. Well, we did. Okay, Geoff did, but we totally helped. Okay, maybe we didn’t help at all, but all hail Geoff, your new Batman.

Comment of the Week

The award this week goes to Galbedir for this devastating story of disappointment that was topped only by the Futurama let down:

When I was 10, I entered a Wimpy competition for a remote control monster truck. I dreamt of playing with that truck for weeks, I had never wanted anything as badly as I wanted to win that remote control truck. After many weeks, I finally got a call saying I was in the final 10 contestants. I went into Wimpy, and they drew 3 names. I was in the final 3. Eventually, it was between myself and this other kid. The camera’s were there, and news crew’s. I knew I was going to win, i had a feeling…in the end, I didn’t win, I had my dreams crush….The point of this story, is that after reading that Futurama was coming back…as a mobile game. The disappointment I felt, trumped the disappointment I felt after not winning that remote control truck. FML

Random bonus content

Why Darryn, why?

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