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The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week – 8 April 2016

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Scottish Fold

Today has taught me to appreciate my PC – particular the screens attached to it. I woke up with no electricity this morning, which means I have had to make do with a laptop for ants. Do you have any idea how frustrating and gut-wrenching it is to go from 27” and 23” real estate to something that is only 11” or so? It sucks, so so so so so so so so so so so much!

On the bright side, I’m getting work done at least. Even so, it’s been slow going, and Geoff has already fired me twice today as a result. Oh well… WEEKEND!

Best Stories

This past weekend, gamers descended upon the Mall of the South to take part in Gamer’s Fest. Overall, the event went quite well, and the general public became more aware of this strange new phenomenon called “eSports”. I’d call that a win any day!

Got nothing to do this weekend? Why not spend some time in Heroes of the Storm? The entire roster will be unlocked, and there’s bonus XP up for grabs!

VREEEEEEEM! I may not be a fan myself, but I know the rest of the office are excited for Gears of War 4. It now has an official release date! It’ll be out on October 11th.

Worst Stories

JRPG fans rejoice, Final Fantasy XV is coming! Problem is, it’s struggling to stay stable on PS4 and Xbox One. Let’s hope Square Enix can work some magic and have the game in a better state for its launch, which is just a few months away.

Some fan went and made a video for Donald Trump, which contains a bunch of intellectual property ripped straight from Mass Effect. Naturally, EA and Bioware were not happy.

The Last of Us was a fanstasic game from Naughty Dog, and one that would make for a rather excellent movie adaption. That project was underway actually, but now, it’s stuck in development hell. Damn!

Lastly, Quantum Break is a mixed bag of issues on PC at the moment. Arkham Knight, is that you?

Random Stories

A Virtual Reality Sex Suit exists? What a time to be alive!

What do you get when one man attempts to adopt a dog in Skyrim? Only the best story ever told, that’s what!

Horse armour? Who’d buy that? I don’t know, but 10 years later, DLC is pretty damn common.

Is Darryn Batman Forever?

Batman (2)


Header Image of the Week

Sometimes, no clever Photoshop is needed to win the header image of the week award. I really like this particular image relating to Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Edition scalpers.


Who remembers this advert? What was it advertising? Well played Darryn!

Most Comments

I don’t usually take articles written today into account (which is why FFD never appears here), but I can’t ignore the fact that Fallout 4 won the BAFTA award for best game article. It has a whopping 110 comments already!

Commenter of the Week

Sorry friends, no comment of the week award this week I’m afraid. I would like to honour a certain Admiral Chief however, who I believe has clocked up a whopping 50 000 disqus comments! Good golly man, get back to work!

Oh but if you must have a comment of the week, then fine, I’m being biased and giving it to Geoff. Who’s better; Sonic or Mario?

I remember at school, I used to punch kids who said Sonic was better than Mario. It’s probably why I was suspended as a teacher.


Bonus Premium Content

Oh boy, a voice message for Darryn from Geoff!


Last Updated: April 8, 2016

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