Goodbye VGX, hello The Game Awards

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The game awards

There are so many opportunities for games to nab awards. Beyond the typical E3 and Gamescom nominations, plenty of other award ceremonies also honor those games that have done something rather well. Now there will be another one, and it will probably be pretty cool.

Geoff Keighley, gaming presenter extraordinaire, is launching a new awards show, The Game Awards. Before you dismiss this one, you should know that he has support from some of the biggest names in gaming. Just check out these members of the advisory board:

  • Reggie Fils-Aime (Nintendo of America)
  • Yves Guillemot (Ubisoft)
  • Hideo Kojima (Konami)
  • Shawn Layden (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
  • Peter Moore (EA COO)
  • Phil Spencer (Xbox)
  • Martin Tremblay (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Keighley also got Rockstar and Valve involved. In fact, the awards won’t just air on one network:

It will be distributed via a digital pool that includes Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo and Valve’s Steam, which has over 100 million worldwide users on its own.

Streaming across all gaming systems and devices? Now that is how you engage with a whole lot more gamers. Well done, Keighley. Built as a direct challenge to Spike’s VGX, The Video Game Awards will take place at the Axis Theater in Las Vegas on 5 December. It could even signal the end of spike’s video game awards completely. Will it become the new most relevant award ceremony? Who knows, but at with that kind of backing, I’m sure it will at least be a whole lot of fun to watch. you know, except for the crude and dismissive humour.

This just reminds me that it’s almost time for us to pick our winners for the year. Plus, we’re going to be getting all of you involved, too. So be sure to keep an eye out when we start voting – you can pick your favorite games of the year, too. Then we can all fight it out when you don’t give my favorites games the best awards for the year.

Last Updated: November 11, 2014

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