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Google Stadia will offer free trials after launch

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Google Stadia may sound like an easy sell on paper, but the reality of the service makes for a bitter pill to swallow. You’re going to need the kind of internet connection that is seldom found outside of South Korea to run it at its full potential, while also chipping in a few bucks every month to make use of it. It’s not a bad asking price for the subscription itself, but in an age where every avenue for entertainment wants to head down that route, having yet another debit order on your card makes for an unappetising service when you factor in that games will still require a separate purchase.

There’s a certain security in still being able to buy a game physically and pop the disc in whenever you need to, as opposed to Google Stadia’s always-online nature. It may be playable on just about any screen in several pre-selected countries, but Google will need some mighty fine bait if it wants to hook a few new converts to their way of thinking.

A few free trials of Stadia, might be the perfect lure. “There’s the launch stuff and then there’s OK, what do we want to do next, next and next after? And so trials are something that’s high up on the list,” Stadia’s head of product and guy who possesses a name that is kind of really cool, John Justice said to the Stadiacast via VGC.

There’s the launch stuff and then there’s OK, what do we want to do next, next and next after? And so trials are something that’s high up on the list. We’re just working through what’s the right when and how exactly to set it up, and you can imagine how busy things are now just getting ready for launch. I think if you look at our plan to make as many people be able to try this as possible, you want people, whether they’re already on Stadia, to let them go discover new games, new things, stuff you haven’t tried.

And then also people who – if you haven’t given it a try – we want to let you jump in just as easily as you can. So I think both of those things are trials that we want to support.

Makes sense! Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu or any number of gaming services currently active, the first month being on the house seems to be a surefire way to draw in eyeballs en masse. Whether Google Stadia can be good enough to keep those peepers locked onto the games provided and not hovering over the cancellation button on the 20th day, is where the real test will lie come November 19 when Founder’s Edition backers get their first taste of the streaming future.

Last Updated: September 11, 2019


  1. Cunning plan!
    Get Stadia trial, play Baldur’s Gate 3, never ever pay them!


  2. Magoo マグ

    September 11, 2019 at 15:19

    I never imagined they would push this out so soon. I still struggle to see how this will be a thing without first becoming effortlessly accessible with exponentially reduced latencies on residential internet lines.


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