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Got the Vita Blues? Here’s how to fix your frozen Vita

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If you’ve the cash to spare, you’ve probably picked up a PlayStation Vita. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a sleek and sexy beast of a handheld – that’ll give you some unique and wonderful gaming experiences. During your time with it, you may – as some have already reported – had an issue or two with it…like it becoming unresponsive or worse, just dead.

Don’t panic! There’s a quick fix at hand, courtesy of playstationlifestyle.net

Some users have experienced odd lock ups, crashes and freezes – accompanied by the Vita’s blue led persistently flashing. It’s something that’s affectionately being called the “blue light of death,” though it’s admittedly a little over the top – because it’s easy to fix. Here’s how:

Hold down the power button for at least  30 seconds – and you’ll be presented with a menu that looks awfully like this:


Following that, try the options in order:

Restart your system. If that fails to fix the issue, your next option is to rebuild the database which should fix any issues you have. If that still doesn’t work, you probably don’t want to format your memory card as you’ll lose all your saves and whatever downloadable content you’ve got stored – so it’s probably better to restore the Vita to default.

If after all of that your Vita still isn’t responding…well then you can resume panicking – and I hope you’ve saved your till slip. Hopefully whatever is causing these issues can be fixed with a simple firmware update.

[Thanks…uh…to Lans for the tip.]

Last Updated: February 23, 2012

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