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Gotham Knights: Here’s how Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood play

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None shall pass in Gotham Black Knight

If you ever wanted to bulk up, might I suggest you try the Batman method of weight loss? For the low low price of two dead parents murdered right in front of you, you too can dedicate your life to honing your mind. body, and spirit to near superhuman levels! While Batman may be the complete crimefighting package of brains and brawn, his methods aren’t exactly shared by his numerous protégés.

The core lessons are there, like refusing to murder a homicidal clown who has a death toll on par with that of a local genocide, but the Bat-Family has their own methods for protecting Gotham City. In Gotham Knights, you’ll have four distinct characters to take control of: The Red Hood brings guns to a fist fight, Robin can use stealth and status effects to cripple enemies, Nightwing is an acrobatic brawler who can’t be touched and Batgirl may just be the most well-rounded of the quartet.

“She combines a laser-focused, targeted and efficient melee fighter approach with a lot of resilience and the ability to weaponize her environment using hacking,” creative director Patrick Redding explained on the PS Blog. You can use any character you want during the Gotham Knights adventure, but according to Redding, switching between characters and building their unique ability trees while also enhancing their craftable gear inventory, will result in players having a lot more story to experience:

It’s not one story set over one night, but really about the mid to long term growth of the hero. The game affords players a huge amount of growth and a huge amount of goal setting in an open world environment that they need to protect, that they need to go back to again and again. It’s that idea of how this new guard of younger heroes – that are not Bruce Wayne, are not Batman — approach the problem of equipping and training themselves up, preparing and adapting for that next major threat, that next major menace that they’re going to need to combat?

It’s a new era for games set in the DC Universe, one that’s not entirely reliant on using the caped crusader to shift copies, but rather the idea of the dark knight to pave the way for something new. Still, I’m keen to see what the bastard version of Batman looks like in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Last Updated: September 9, 2020

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