Gran Turismo 5 Coming December – So Says

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While it cannot be seen as confirmed, now has Gran Turismo 5 set for a December release date.

We don’t know the system behind Amazon’s release dates, but what does make me think that this may not be true is that it is dated for the 29th. I cannot see why anyone would want to release during that specific period and makes me think that it indicates that there is no solid release date for 2009 and will probably roll over into 2010.

Sony have given an official response to the release date, you can decide what it means.

Sony response went like this:

We haven’t announced a release date for GT5 yet and can’t comment on the US

Now that definitely doesn’t confirm a 2009 release date but one could argue that it doesn’t exactly deny one either. Also, even if it does release this year, it may only be to the Japanese market.

If I was you, I wouldn’t get my hopes up to be honest but lets hope that I am proven wrong. As stated in the source article from VG247, you can at least “get your fix with Gran Turismo on the PSP, come October 1”.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: July 31, 2009

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