Gran Turismo 5 – Crash damage… fail

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So yesterday Nick posted about that video with the weird physics problems in Forza 3 where you could put your car into a handstand even my daughter would be proud of.

And as we know every time we mention Forza then GT needs to butt in, Kanye West style, and what an entrance they have made.

The video after the break is a classic example of why you cannot tack on crash damage at the end of a development cycle. The damage being done to the Ferrari in this video is so laughably bad that you can only hope with everything you have that this isn’t indicative of the final release.

Not to mention that water barriers which look more like polystyrene and the completely unrealistic movement of the car after it smashes into the barriers.

But everyone is just going to point out the fact that it’s still in development and therefore it’s wrong to complain about it. So I tell you what, if the crash damage is this bad after the game is released it will lose an entire review point… is that fair?

Or can we forgive its failings since the crash damage isn’t what makes the game Gran Turismo?

Last Updated: October 28, 2009

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