Gran Turismo 5 Is Coming In 2009

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Before you get too excited, let me explain the heading first. tells us that they have “learned the tentative release date for Gran Turismo 5 through an unofficial but extremely reliable source.”

What this basically means is that we still don’t have an official statement from Sony but we should really be sitting up and paying attention because these guys seem pretty damn confident that there story is solid.

According to the site they do not want to give a specific date but they say that “a 2009 release is almost certain”.

They also go on to say that the release date of December 29 is incorrect and that they believe that the official release date will be announced by Sony at their August 18 Press Conference that will be held at GamesCom Cologne.

With Forza 3 looking very impressive and releasing in just a short while from now, it makes perfect sense that Sony and Polyphony should do all that they can to get their title onto shelves before the year is over.

This is great news and I hope that these guys are as correct as they seem to think they are. I will be keeping a close eye on the matter, so be sure to check for updates soon.


Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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