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Gran Turismo 6 takes driving to new heights

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With Gran Turismo 6 being released in early December and the new Forza racing onto the Xbox One it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decide which racing simulator we should pick up at retail. Well GT6 has just made that a little bit easier by raising the bar… all the way to the moon.

In this latest trailer just before the end you get to see the moon buggy bouncing around the moon and since this vehicle is listed in the official list of cars that will come with GT6 then it really does imply that we will be able to hold moon races, which sounds awesome.

Added to that is this other video that was released that showcases the amount of effort Polyphony has gone into to get the detail of the night sky perfect for those long endurance racing.

Honestly I can’t see the point in going into that much detail but hey if it floats your boat and the other game can’t do it then that’s a selling point right?

Added to that is the fact that Forza has revealed that the LaFerrari isn’t included in the base game and will be sold as DLC on launch which has gotten our old motorhead colleague a little hot under the collar.

But don’t forget that Forza and the Xbox One have those haptic triggers which apparently make the game the best thing since sliced biltong.

So which game are you going to get?

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Last Updated: November 5, 2013

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