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Gran Turismo 6 to be a cross generation game?

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There are a lot of rumours floating around about Gran Turismo 6 as the moment with previous rumours of the titles announcement date coming and going without any sign of the much anticipated game. However this latest rumour could be very interesting indeed.

Gamechup has noticed that a Nordic retailer, CDON, has had GT6 up for pre-order for quite some time on the PlayStation 3. However over the weekend they also added a pre-order spot for Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 4.

If they are correct with this it would mean that GT6 will be one of  just a handful of games (ignoring annualised sports titles) to be released on different generations of platforms at the same time. It would also mean the development team have been working double time to make this a possibility, something I can’t imagine happening after the huge delays that Gran Turismo 5 endured.

However it would be a great move for Sony as they will likely want to keep the PS3 running for quite a while still and Gran Turismo is still a console mover and will give them a nice push upon its release.

Last Updated: May 14, 2013

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