Grand Theft Auto Brazil – not a real game, but Real Life

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Alright so technically this isn’t gaming news, but it’s totally related to gaming! And it’s totally awesome as well. I realise that in posting this I am, in some way, contributing to the bollocks-filled argument that “violent games make people violent”, but I defy you to watch the following clip and not think to yourself, “Holy crap! This is exactly like GTA!”

I can guarantee you won’t be able to resist making the comparison. It’s got it all: high-speed car chase in Brazil; lots of cops on bikes; cars crashing into each other; traffic jams hindering an escape; gun fire and police brutality!

I’m also pretty sure that the cops chasing this guy have also played GTA in some form seeing as how at about 0:43 into the clip, a cop runs up to the car and fires a shot through the windscreen at the driver. Then there’s the enraged civilian who starts kicking the perpetrator while he’s down at about 3:08. Good times!

Check it out, here :

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Last Updated: October 14, 2010

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