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Greenpeace takes a stab at Nintendo

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greenpeace-logo According to Greenpeace, Nintendo’s response to Greenpeace concerning their efforts to conserve the precious resources of our planet has been “inadequate”.

Greenpeace states “We’re in continuous dialogue with all the companies we speak to, apart from Nintendo,” in and interview with EDGE. “The company has an incredibly poor standard of communication regarding this issue.”

“What really struck me was Nintendo’s response when we asked them about this. They said that their products don’t create waste because… People hang onto them!

“It’s a very inadequate response, and I’m surprised a serious company like Nintendo would even respond that way,” said Kruszewska of Greenpeace.

His main problem is that he has no idea what Nintendo is actually doing to curb their impact on the environment. Nintendo could spend it’s afternoons kicking squirrels or working on fuel free power, the problem is that he doesn’t know.

Apparently it’s not just Nintendo who isn’t that keen on shelling out the info and it’s a common problem in Japan. Unfortunately what this does mean is that Nintendo’s scores from Greenpeace are not looking good and they really need to get on board before some real issues arise.

As for the other Console manufactures, Sony can hold it’s head up high.

“Sony is clearly leading the way for the console holders. The company’s Greenpeace profile shows it is doing particularly well in regards to its chemicals management and take-back initiatives,” said Kruszewska.

“Microsoft is just getting on board with the environment. They’ve just hired a sustainability team, and we are seeing movement from Microsoft with its 360 console, but the company had started from a very low base.

“But really, they have it so easy because they only make two core hardware products – the 360 and the Zune – they should really be way ahead,” he added.

Very true, when compared to Sony who makes a number of electronic products. Microsoft and in this case, Nintendo, should really be doing more and unfortunately Microsoft can’t even use the “people are hanging on to them” excuse.

Last Updated: November 28, 2008

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