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Grey’s Anatomy – The Video Game

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Grey's Anatomy

Apparently I don’t know what I am missing… I recently received a press release about the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy video game and promptly deleted it.

I then continued with my life knowing I made the right decision… that is until I got home and accidently mentioned to my wife that they were making a game about one of her favourite TV shows…

I was then promptly sent back to the recycle bin to go find out more about this huge upcoming blockbuster.

So I have re-checked this title and to be honest I just don’t see anything worthy of interest, according to the press release

“In Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game, fans will have a chance to take on the roles of all of their favorite doctors in an all-new original storyline.”

Be still my beating heart… But I have now made a promise to the wife that we will review this game and give it an honest appraisal, but don’t hold your breath.

Mind you I guess we can only do this if the loving suppliers give us a copy of the game to honestly appraise… Pretty please Megarom

Last Updated: January 15, 2009

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