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Grim Fandango Remastered guide – Year One and Year Two

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GFR (1)

What’s old is new again. Many years ago, Grim Fandango popped up, and was the game to have. It was also fiendishly difficult, with solutions to mundane problems coming from out of nowhere to present themselves to people who thought a bit differently. Right now however, Grim Fandango has been remastered to torture the grey matter of a whole new generation of gamers. And if you’re stuck, well we’ve got the solution right here to all your digital woes. This is a guide, expect spoilers. Also, using a guide for an adventure game like this defeats the entire purpose. You have been warned.

Year One

The Poisoning
GFR (2)

  • Go to the message tube
  • Head to the garage elevator, door on the left past Eva the secretary
  • Watch the last car leave from the garage
  • Go to the corner of the garage, knock on the door and meet Glottis
  • Use the following conversation options: “Hey, you a driver?”, “I’m Calavera”, “Looks like I need a new driver”, “You want to be my replacement driver?”, “Come on, Glottis” and “You’re not too big. The cars are just to small.”
  • You’ll receive a work order, head back upstairs. You’ll need Don to sign it, but obviously he won’t
  • Go outside through the lobby front door
  • Head to the side of the building, climb up the rope made of ties
  • Go inside the open window into Don’s office, use his computer
  • Change his intercom answer to “Ah, cripes Eva! Just sign it yourself, will ya? I’m busy!”
  • Head back inside the building to Eva, get her to sign the work order for you in order to receive modifications
  • Once you’re in the land of the living, you can use your scythe on the package

Getting a Better Client
GFR (4)

  • Pick up the playing cards on your office table
  • Go to Eva’s desk, and use her hole-punch on the cards
  • Go down to the lobby, listen to a demon whine about the tube system
  • On the street outside, speak to a clown with the following dialogue options: “Practising What?”, “Twist me up one of them, eh fella?”, “Bet ya can’t do a cat” and “A dead worm”
  • You’ll be given a deflated balloon, which you can score more from the clown by asking him “My kid wants another balloon animal” “Do you have any more dead worms back there?”
  • Back in the building, go the packing room and use a deflated balloon on the red and blue hoses
  • Go back to the lobby, head to the tube switching room and turn the deadbolt on the open door
  • Chat again to the demon, and use the following conversation options: “Who would do a terrible thing like this?” and “Well, I gotta split”
  • You’ll now have the fire extinguisher, so exit the room
  • Head back into the room and use the holy playing card on the red tube in order to gain a new client
  • Tell your client “Excuse me, but I have to go straighten this mess out”
  • Head down to Don Corpal’s office

The Revolution
GFR (5)

  • Inside Glottis’ office, knock on the door and say “I’m thinking about getting out and getting even. That’s it”, “The DOD runs a crooked game, and I intend to prove it” and “I’m gonna blow the lid off this place.”
  • You’ll be taken to LSA headquarters where you can talk with Salvador and say “Okay, I’m in. What do I have to do?”, “You want me to be your messenger?”, “If I grab some pigeons from the roof, will you let me go?” and “I’m off”
  • Head back to the carnival on the street, ask the clown for another balloon animal, this time a cat
  • Grab some bread in the tent next to the clown, and go up to office roof once again
  • On the ledge, go into Dominos office, and hit his punching bag three times
  • Grab the fallen mouthpiece, go to his desk and take coral inside the drawer
  • Go back out the window, and to the tie rope
  • Use the coral in your inventory on the ties, make a bridge and use it to get to the next ledge
  • Go to the dish vent, then use the cat balloon and the bread on it in that order
  • Go to the nest, get the eggs and back down to the street
  • Go inside the garage, back into Glottis’ office, and use the mouthpiece on the Fill-A-Dent
  • Get your own dental impression, head into the alley and use the blue eye on the wall
  • Use the eggs on Salvador
  • Use the mouthpiece on Eva, and you can skip town

Glottis’ Heart
GFR (9)

  • Talk to Glottis in the Petrified Forest and watch him rip his own heart out
  • You kind of need that organ, so head back into the forest behind Glottis
  • Pick a bone up from a nearby pile, use it on the web and then use your scythe on the web
  • Return to Glottis, pick the heart up and use it on him

El Marrow
GFR (10)

  • Drive the Bonewagon to the right side of the screen, to the strange machine
  • Go to the wheelbarrow and use it between hoses
  • Each of the four hoses control a tree marrow extractor, so synchronise two pumps on each side
  • Block the middle two pumps, one at a time, then unblock them before the pump on the side of the tree is about to start pumping
  • Turn off the device, and Glottis will climb the tree to unbalance it more
  • Turn the device back on

This Way to Rubacava?
GFR (11)

  • Get out of the Bonewagon, and go inspect the road sign
  • Pick it up and carry it back into the forest to the Northwest
  • Plant the sign in the right spot, a process that takes several tries
  • The actual right spot is towards the center of the screen and slightly down to the left, so try for that
  • Enter the cave, go to the sign and use it to get the key
  • Exit, head back to the clearing

Busy Beavers
GFR (6)

  • Go the rocks in the Northeast
  • Once there, open a door and you’ll be chased out
  • Go back through the gate, go to the edge of the bone dam and pick up three bones
  • Head down the path on the left of the bridge, and watch a beaver sit on the overhead rock
  • Face the tar, pulla  bone out (heh) and throw it into the tar river
  • Take your fire extinguisher out, and when the beaver jumps in after the bone, hose it down
  • Keep repeating this until all beavers are extinguished
  • Return to the gate, use the key on the lock and exit

Welcome to Rubacava
GFR (7)

  • Head inside the Rubacava diner, and talk to Celso with the following dialogue options
  • “What are you doing here?”, “You must love her very much, Celso”, “How do you know your wife hasn’t gone ahead of you?”, “I’ll help you find your wife.  What did she look like?” and “Well, I’d better go see how my other clients are doing…”
  • Celso will give you a photo, so head down the stairs, go left and into fog because nothing can possibly go wrong
  • After you’re rescued, talk to Velasco and show him the photo
  • Once you have the port log from Velasco, use it on Celso
  • Congratulations, you just finished year one of Grim Fandango Remastered

Year Two

The Lambada
GFR (12)

  • Pick up the letter from Salvador on the table, then go downstairs and outside the cafe
  • Lupe will stop you, use the dialogue “Okay, back to work”
  • Go further outside and down the stairs to Meche
  • After a short cutscene, go to Velasco and use the following dialogue options
  • “Alright, I’m ready to sail!”, “I’ll work!”, “Okay, if I get Glottis some tools, can we board?”, “Who’s the one guy who hasn’t boarded yet?”, “What if Naranja doesn’t show up?  I can fill his spot, right?”, “So let me get this straight…” and “I’d better go finish packing”.

Joining the Union
GFR (13)

  • Head inside the Calavera Cafe
  • Stop at the bar and pick up a gold flake liqueor
  • Talk to Charlie in the Roulette room and say
  • “Right. So what are you doing in it?”, “How did you point fake betting stubs?”, “What else can you counterfeit?”, “Can you make reasonable union cards?”
  • You’ll then receive a VIP pass and the betting ticket printer from Charlie
  • Use the VIP pass on Glottis and go to the cat track
  • Use the lever to form a bridge to do so
  • Go past the fat stuffed cat, into the litter room and pick up the can opener
  • Go inside the VIP lounge on the second floor, into the kitchen and follow the waiter into the pantry
  • Close the doors behind him, use your scythe to lock them and wait for Glottis to finish his wine
  • Go up the ladder and use the can opener on the wine cask
  • Use the wine cask to gain access to the basement, get in the forklift and drive it into the elevator
  • Position the forklift so that it lines up with the right-hand part of the door
  • Press the elevator button
  • Get back into the forklift, push it forward as you pass by the hidden floor and you’ll bock the elevator from going further up
  • Walk to the other side of the forklift, hit the lever Krunk and raise the forkYou can now enter the hallway, grab the suitcase and you’ll finally have a union card

Seaman Naranja
GFR (14)

  • Go into the Blue Casket, and go to the back of the bar
  • Meet Lola and Olivia, tell her  “Well, catch ya later, hep chick”
  • Go back inside the kitchen, use the baster on the dishwater and then head to Toto’s place
  • At the back of his shack, open the fridge, open the crisper and then go to Naranja’s bottle and ready the baster
  • Naranja will get distracted by Toto, so use the baster on the bottle to knock out Naranja
  • Search Naranja, take his dog tags and go to the roof of the Cat Track
  • Go to the blimp security area, drink some gold flake liqueur and walk through the metal detector before you burp
  • When you’re alone with Carla, say
  • “Hey, Carla, that’s an awfully nice metal detector you have.” and “Yes”
  • Go the litter box room, go to the end of the ledge and use your scythe on the letter box in order to obtain the metal detector
  • Use the dog tags on a corpse, and then use your new metal detector on Membrillo, who will then report that Naranja is dead

SeaBee Tools
GFR (15)

  • Go back inside the Blue Casket and go to the table that has three Beatniks surrounding it
  • Use your letter from Salvador on them (Which is inside your office in Calavera Cafe, in case you forgot it)
  • Take the book on the table and towards the angry Bees
  • Use the book on them
  • Talk to Nick
  • “Nick, I need a lawyer”, “Friend of mine is in the slammer”, “An excellent lawyer”, “The very best is good enough for me” and “You are, Nick”
  • Talk to Nick again
  • “Virago, I REALLY need a lawyer” and “I could tell Max about you and Olivia”
  • Nick will then leave you, so steal his leftover cigarette case
  • Take it to the Blimp security desk, use it on Carla and say
  • “I don’t know.  I found it under your desk.” and “Yes”
  • You’ll now have the key, so go back to the lighthouse use it on the door
  • Go inside, get the card that was left behind
  • Go back to the Calavera Cafe, use the card in Lupe to get the jacket and use the jacket to get a piece of paper
  • Go to Toto’s, show him the paper and go back to the Cat Track
  • Use your ticket printer, and print out a ticket for Week 2, Tuesday, Race 6
  • Use it at the photo finish window
  • If you need to find Week 2, you can read it on the plaque of the statue of the cat, Race 6 can be found on the photo and the day of the week is Tuesday, as kitty hats are handed out according to the ticket counter
  • Go to the VIP lounge, use the photo on Nick and gain a lawyer
  • With all that now done, you just need to find Glottis

Betting the Farm

  • You’ll need to shut the cafe down in order to get Glottis to leave
  • Go to your office, and bring up the roulette system from your desk
  • When the light flashes red on the rightmost wheel, use the magnet and make the ball land elsewhere
  • This will make Bogan shut the club down and get Glottis kicked out

Well done, Year Two is now complete! We’ll have years 3 and 4 up for you soon.

Last Updated: January 27, 2015


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