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GRIN blames Square Enix for their demise–calls them out for lying

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A little while back Square Enix signed up Swedish developers, GRIN, to create an offshoot of the Final Fantasy series and to reinvigorate the title.

However not long into the build things started to go wrong and then it sounds like GRIN fell down the rabbit hole with the most absurd demands coming out of Square Enix.

Now this is purely GRIN’s side of the story so it’s got to be taken with a pinch of salt until Square Enix responds, but according to GRIN Square Enix has still not paid a single cent of the $20 million contract that was agreed upon when trying to create this title.

Then as things started going badly Square Enix demanded that GRIN fax them the source code and music files… yes fax, that ancient and annoying communication platform that really could never be used to communicate music over.

But the weirdness did not stop there, they then stated that the builds should never have been delivered to their development departments but rather sent straight through to legal which doesn’t really make much sense.

They also decided to Nordic influence wasn’t very appealing and that the game was being made wrong. By this time GRIN had started to realise that nothing they did was going to be good enough but they thought they would try one more thing.

They took some screen grabs from Final Fantasy XII and sent those through to Square Enix claiming they were taken from their title “Fortress”. Square responded by saying they didn’t look like Final Fantasy.

It all sounds like a terrible soap opera gone bad and hopefully it can get resolved but by the sound of it nothing short of a court order is going to clear this one up.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: May 30, 2011

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