GT5 finally gets its official steering wheel

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I say “finally” with heaps of sarcasm because I’m convinced that nobody even noticed the lack of a Sony-approved GT5 steering wheel controller. If you did then not only are you a little weird, but you’re also in luck! The Thrustmaster wheel is branded with Gran Turismo logos and is the second model of steering wheel to ever boast that accolade.

Sony has stamped “We approve and ♥ this so much” all over the device and that approval carries on into the price tag. Yep, it’s expensive. Not just any expensive though, it’s “Sony Expensive”, which is kind of weird because it’s made by Thrustmaster.

The T500RS has a lot of metal, loads of bits and weighs 12kg in total. The pedals are adjustable, the wheel rotates a full 1080Ëš and the whole lot will set you back €500. The peripheral officially went on sale yesterday (05 January 2011) in Europe, Africa and Australia. We’re sure it’ll be available in South Africa soon, but if you simply cannot wait you can always pre-order it off Take2 for just less than R9500 in their “More UK” section.

Here’s a very sweaty trailer for the wheel – eeew.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: January 7, 2011

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