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GT5 Intro Video… this isn’t making it onto any top 10 lists

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We’re seeing enough packshots and video’s of GT5 in the wild to now know that the game is done, in retailers and just waiting for the rest of the distribution line to catch up before going on sale.

I have asked our local reps for more information but there isn’t any at the moment, it’s all stop until Sony tells us more.

However someone has it and they have uploaded the entire seven minute intro onto Youtube for us to see.

The first 4 minutes are mind nummingly bad and basically just shows us how a car is made all the way from when the metal is being mined until the robots do their welding.

It’s like some weird flash back to the 60’s and I struggled to force my ADHD affected brain to keep watching it, then after 4 minutes it starts showing us some in game footage and changes the track to something less painful but by no means fantastic.

If you’re getting GT5 then watch this trailer now and skip it when you put the disc in.

For what I consider great gaming trailers check out an earlier feature I posted on my top 10 cinematic trailers.

Last Updated: November 10, 2010

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