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GT5 Spec II hitting retail

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Gran Turismo 5 is a different game now than when it was first release. A deluge f updates and downloadable content have turned it from being a nigh unfinished game to one of the most complete sim racers available on consoles today.

If you’ve not gotten it yet, or have little access to the internet (because some of those patches are huge!) then you might be delighted to know that the complete GT5 Spec II is coming to you on disc form.

"Look for the complete GT5 package on February 2, priced 4,980 yen [just a bit over 500 ZA smackers]," says Andriasang. It’ll include the game is it stands, being all patched up after the 2.0 update in October this year. I’ll also come with the October 18 “complete DLC” pack – but as a voucher, redeemable on the PSN – so those of you without internet at home are still going to be left wanting.

It’s yet to be announced for a Euro or US release, but it makes sense for Sony to do so – especially considering our own bandwidth woes.

Of course, if you want a real racing game, Mario Kart 7’s been released today – and it’s pretty fantastic. Maybe GT5 Spec 3 will include power ups and weapons, and then it’ll actually be worth playing, eh?

Last Updated: December 2, 2011

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