GTA 5 to be shown at E3 2010?

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If the above leaked document is to be believed (which it’s not) then we can expect to see Take-Two Interactive announced GTA 5 at E3 this year.

Many people are expecting an announcement of GTA5 at E3 this year but I am not one of them. With Rockstar having their hands full with the after glow of Red Dead Redemption and having 2 major titles in the works (LA Noire & Agent) it just wouldn’t make financial sense to get another GTA out the door just yet.

What would be far more logical is that they concentrate on the anticipated RDR DLC and use E3 to make some small announcements about LA Noire and Agent.

Then leave GTA 5’s big reveal for later in the year or even early into next year.

Other reasons for the above image being fake are

  1. It’s a photo of an image on a computer screen, why not just email the image?
  2. Why and image and not a PDF?
  3. Rockstar would announce GTA. Not Take-Two
  4. Rockstar don’t generally announce things at E3.

Source: GameReactor

Last Updated: June 1, 2010

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