GTA: Chinatown Wars is not selling well

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This is an unfortunate bit of news for any DS owner who is crying out for more real games like GTA: Chinatwon wars.

According to recent reports GTA: Chinatown wars only sold around 200 000 units in the US last month and this is after it received some of the highest ever reviews for a DS title.

To put it into perspective, Pokemon Platinum which granted scored a metacritic average of 84 sold over 320 000 in a single week alone.

GTA is still doing okay at the moment with 50 000 weekly sales but when the gaming executives sit down next time and decide on what games they are going to make you can bet that some of them are going to be pointing at this bad return as a reason not to develop M rated games for the DS.

Let’s hope someone else on the board brings up the point that this is one of the first major M rated titles on the DS and the platform is therefore relatively new and ready to grow.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: April 14, 2009

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