I'll fix that invisible car for you

I spent way too many hours in the GTA world this weekend and I am still nowhere near finishing the game. It’s not because it’s too damned long as Darryn finished the main story in 30 odd hours and I’m sure I’ve put in more than that now. The problem is I keep getting distracted.

There is just so much to do and when I don’t really feel like doing anything I like taking the sports cars for a spin and climbing mountains.

In all my exploring I’ve only found one real glitch that is definitely a glitch and that is when climbing one of the buildings there is a ladder that takes you to the top of a certain area of the roof but you can’t climb to the top of it. It just stops you, with an invisible wall. 

But that is neither funny nor very interesting. What is hilarious is this invisible car glitch that the guys over at SomeFilthyCasuals have found. It’s all pretty pointless but what until after the explanation to see Michael speeding around while hovering in mid air.

And to really top it off make sure you do the sound effects at the same time. Vrooooom, vrooom vroom vroom vroo…

Oh and if you are into GTA then make sure to join our Rockstar Social Crew! Online opens up tomorrow, though Rockstar’s said to expect a few teething problems. 

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Last Updated: September 30, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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