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GTA IV not a hardware mover?

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MarioWell this is a suprise, the latest NPD sales stats are in and they are much lower than expected.

As always the Wii did very well and was the only console to be in line with predictions by selling 714,200 units in April….

The Xbox 360 retook second spot, but only just, with sales of 188,000 compared to the 187,100 units sold for the PS3.

I think it’s worth stopping and looking at those numbers, 188 000 to 714 200…. It’s not even a competition anymore…

Nintendo also did very well in the handheld department selling 414,800 units compared to the 192,700 units sold for the PSP.

Nintendo has become a monster and it really is suprising that they are still not getting the games and media attention of the 360 and PS3… Face it people, the Wii and DS can no longer be called a fad. They are the only truly next gen consoles according to the sales figures.

the simExchange – April 2008 NPD Data | The Video Game Prediction Market

Last Updated: May 16, 2008

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