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GTA IV runs at lower resolution on PS3, but is this a bad thing?

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After the world got it’s hands on GTA and people were able to tinker around with the game, it has come out that the PS3 version is in fact running at 640p as opposed to the Xbox 360’s 720p.

Now you would think that the running at a lower resolution would make the game look worse than its 720p counterpart, but what’s interesting is that it is being reported that the PS3 version is the better looking game. So what does this all mean?

In my opinion, this is great news. If developers are able to make games running at lower resolutions look as good if not better than a 720p game with the use of post processing effects, it means that we can get better looking smoother running games on our consoles.

When San Andreas came out for PC a few years back, a few of us didn’t have rigs that could run the game on it’s highest settings. At the end of the day we found that running the game at 640×480 with all the effects and anti-aliasing turned on both looked better and ran smoother than running the game at 1024×768 with none of the effects.

I’m sure that many of you out there will have no issues with games running at a lower resolution if, at the end of the day, it means the game will look and play even better. This obviously isn’t the first case that there has been of a game running at a sub-720p resolution (Halo 3, PGR3, Dark Sector for PS3), but the fact that it looked better than it’s 720p counterpart shows that this could be the way to go for developers to go when trying to push the boundaries of the graphics on next-gen gaming consoles.

sources: Beyond3D forum, Ripten.com

Last Updated: May 2, 2008

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