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You’ve got questions. I get that. When, how and why for starters when it comes to GTA Online. Well I’ve got the answers for you right below. Also, ignore the fact that I’ve been kicking your digital corpse in the ribs for half an hour now.


7AM Eastern Standard Time. Locally, that means that from around 13:00PM today, you should be able to get your online fix. Also expect a Scottish person to yell to the GTA staff from the server rooms that he “just doesn’t have the power captain!”.

As for narrative, GTA Online will take place several months before the ballad of Michael, Trevor and Franklin.


From the start, players will be able to kit their online avatars out using the Character Creator. That set of tools will allow you to customise the following:

  • Gender
  • Parentage
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle factors which determine your appearance
  • Sleep and party habits
  • Honest work vs Illegal grafting

Players will be able to preview their creations prior to setting out, in case they wind up with an avatar that resembles Justin Bieber instead of the Stone Cold Steve Austin look that you were aiming for.


Like everything in life, the main aim of GTA Online is to make money. To do that, players will be able to rob shops, knock over armoured vehicles and take part in several other heists. Get away with the crime of the week, and you’ll have plenty of cash to spend on guns, clothes, tattoos and property.

You don’t have to spend real money in the game, but the option is there and unlocks will be based on your Reputation Points. Jobs, heists and other random chaos will help players earn that extra scratch.


Expect plenty of constant updates. Rockstar has admitted that there may be a few teething problems, so a few balance patches and fixes to make the game more balanced will be a part of the growing pains.

But it’s not all patches. Expect the following content to also make an appearance as GTA Online grows:

  • Content Creator – Craft your own content such as death-matches and other violent entertainment
  • Heists – Co-op missions that are high risk and high reward
  • Capture the flag – CTF, but with a content creator twist if you prefer
  • Beach Bum pack – New vehicles, items and most importantly, guns

 GTA V has been a pretty damn good single-player experience so far. Time to see if GTA Online adds to that experience.

Last Updated: October 1, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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