GTA: Online’s content creator leaked

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YouTube channel “LiveUnknownHacks” and user “Funmw2” has leaked four videos of what appears to be the upcoming content creator for the PS3 version of GTA 5. these are apparently the same people who leaked the audio detailing races and casinos in the Beach Bum DLC.

The description of the above video states that this is an old version of the content creator that’s been in game files since Rockstar used it in the online gameplay trailer. In update 1.06, apparently the file size for the creator has changed, but hasn’t been tested yet.

“Hi , I’m Funmw2 ( who leaked Audio Files about New DLC Like Casino ) .
First The Content Creator is already in game files .
but this version of content creator is old ( when rockstar was using it in GTA Online Gameplay video )
in update 1.06 , the creator file size has been changed .
i will try the new version of creator .
maybe it have Mission Creator , because this version Only Races/Deathmatches”

The videos are short, the longest being five minutes in length. The first video shows placing weapon spawns in a parking lot. The second shorter video below briefly shows placing the lobby camera and spawn points. A prompt from the game states that maps cannot be underground or inside a building.

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The third video shows how maps can be edited from ground level in order to fine tune things. You can also walk around your map to get a feel for where you want things placed. A prompt from the game states that missions must be tested before they can be published. A good 30 or so weapon spawns are placed before the game complains about there being too many. I can imagine some stricter limitations on objects like cars and structures.

The final and longest video shows placing vehicles and props and changing the global radio station. It also shows creating a land race. The sea and air races are locked until you publish your first land race. Setting up the type of race, available vehicles, stunt jump markers ,mission markers and checkpoints are all shown.

Some interesting stuff shown here indeed. It is unknown whether there are further limitations such as size and placement for maps. For now, this serves as a sign of things to come. Bring on user created content!

Last Updated: December 3, 2013


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